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This bone model was made 200 years ago by a French POW when digging 'The Cut'. This is a canal bypass for the Bristol harbour. The bone was kept from their meals but I don't know what tools were available to them. Their skill was formidable as little or no glue was used. The posts had tiny dowels through the tops to secure them and the other parts were held by tightly fitting pegs. Turning the handle caused various parts to move. A masterpiece of engineering at just under 6" high.
I have just finished re-building it after it was badly damaged many years ago.
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You did fine in capturing this unusual object. Thanks for the background info but the object has a standalone "cabinet of curiosities" feel and look to it. Very interesting, thanks, tg
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Good Lord, an amazing piece well captured.

I can't imagine the work to create those gear wheels.

So, a POW with some very sharp knives - that must have taken some doing as well.
Mac from Montreal

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Thanks for your comments, chaps, I'm glad it interested you.
I think they must have made a lathe of some sort to turn the pillars and wheels. They made these in some quantity as many examples still exist. They either sold them or gave them to people who befriended them. Recently a superb model sold for 23,000 at our local saleroom. So if you see one going cheap, snap it up.

Kind regards, Bob
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