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Just one of many ... there'll be a film version in a week or so ... Got up early, and got there about 30 minutes before sunrise, to be greeted by FOG ... chuffinruffingruffin ... however in this picture the fog has lifted just a little to show Stonehenge, but still hide the road ... lovely!
12/04/2012 - 18:37stevesphotos
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Great capture
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kilmas2 wrote:
Great capture

indeed ..
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Very nice, I like the distance to Stonehenge in this image which means it is not too prominent but is still instantly recognisable/


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lovely shot - the fog can help though.

I wish I could get up early to take images like this - but I don't drive either so it's difficult to go places that early on public transport!!
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Cheers! One of the joys of Stonehenge is, of course, you're not really going to mistake it for anything else!
Early morning shots can be a bit tricky if you don't drive. There's not many buses that go there at 5:30am ....
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