Llangollen Railway

by davidtrout

Bonnipics enjoyed his trip to the Llangollen Railway so I thought I'd post my take on the subject for you Ron. Got this last autumn, the same day I went to Portmierion and got a speeding ticket in Llangollen.
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Great shot, Foxcote Manor is one of the few preserved GW engines I've haven't seen yet,(must get down there this summer) you've done a fine job in photographing her david

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Grand shot David!wonderful depth to it.......and amazing colour,it looks a bit overcast, so a great achievment.......well done!........Ken
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Yes, great shot. I think trains look their best from this angle, coming around a curve.
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David, Fantastic shot and I do agree with 'Giving Tree' trains look good on a curve although that doesn't detract from the brilliance of your shot as well as taken on the bend. regards Ron

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David really sorry about your ticket! Isn't Portmierion a great place to go for some really nice pics, I must dig some up and post them. Even close by Porthmadog, it's wee harbour is a nice place to shoot. I will be going back down this year ..first week in May for the 12th time staying in Glan Conwy hoping to get some pics. However great pic regards Ron

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