who is it ?

by patrick

honestly, I can't remember - if anyone can help ... of course, I know where it was, but I'll leave it to you, it's sunday ...
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Not sure that this is a specific person, but rather a statue celebrating one of the Scottish regiments of the British Army - the Black Watch. I think they were formed up in the early 18th Century and manned by Scottish Highlanders. Historically British Army soldiers wore Scarlet coats ('the thin red line'). However, these Highlanders were attired in tartan consisting mostly of black, green, and blue, were designated 'Am Freiceadan Dubh', or 'Black Watch',- from the sombre appearance of their dress - which differentiated them from the regular troops.


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hello ! yes, something to do with what you said i suppose - this was in Edimburgh of course...patrick
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A quick 'google' of the words on the statue shows that they are the Black Watch moto.

So google 'Black watch memorial' and get this from Edinbrugh City Council web site...

The Black Watch War Memorial
Bank Street, The Mound, Edinburgh EH1

The Black Watch War Memorial is a bronze statue of a kilted Black Watch soldier standing looking toward the Castle, on a square polished granite base, with the Black Watch crest "Am Freiceadan Dubh" above a frieze of fighting soldiers. Designed by sculptor William Birnie Rhind, R.S.A.

It commemorates General Wauchope and the men of the Black Watch regiment who fell in the South African War 1899-1902, and was commissioned by the Black Watch on a site given by the Bank of Scotland in 1906. Unveiled on 27 June 1910.
Good luck


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Bob ? thanks for all !
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