A tribute to Cliff Burton

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I shot this image in "Sunny Watford" - we have terrible light pollution, the sky is literally orange at night. This is 26 exposures ISO800 - 20 seconds - and for some reason I used f8, but i should have used it wider open. (Next time Ill shoot at 3200 maybe as the stacking process reduces noise considerably) It is a composite of 26 exposures, i did astrotrace this as well to ensure that we didnt get any trails, (but it didnt turn out as well as I'd hoped) The sky was ver poluted when i shot this, the main areas of Orion were bearly visable, so it goes to show what your camera can pull out of the darkness that your eyes cannot see
K3ii and 18-55wr
26/04/2016 - 11:46SMarsden
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