Walking in the Meadow...fixed?

by JudithAnn

Here is the picture again only this time straightened and more room at moms head....Is this better and do you think I could use this as a classic...like, Mother and Baby in Meadow...poster or calender...without it mattering who they are?
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I recropped it and took out all the soft focus and straightened it...yes it was a hill.

I really am grateful for your observations and the time you take to review, share and help others.

Sooo, what do you think now?
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That does look alot better, more room above her head and the path straightened.
I did like the soft focus of it, just not as much as the original shot.

In the photo information I quote "Mother and Baby in Meadow...poster or calender...without it mattering who they are?"

I take it that you don't know the mother in the picture.

If this is the case then I, personally, wouldn't use any image what-so-ever without getting consent from the person/s in the photograph. I always ask permission first and get them to sign a model release form. This may sound over the top but imagine publishing any image without permission and then getting sued later on as permission was not given.

People may say that this is the UK going mad and that I am feeding this stupidity, but model release forms and permissions have been signed and sought for many, many years.

We all have to be extremely careful when photographing children, even more now than ever. Even our own children and publishing them on public sites like this. I will never post a picture of a child on sites like this, especially Flickr and the like, as it's open to anyone.

So in a long winded way, what I am trying to say is that I wouldn't publish any picture of anyone unless I have signed permission first.

I will happily give you a copy of a Release form and you can tailor it to your own requirements. Just PM me.

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OH No Paul....I indeed know the model and her baby....My question was could it be a photo that would be classic enough that you would not have to KNOW them in order to like or enjoy the photo?
Having said that I will get the form from you and I will put a bit of soft around them again...using somewhat less.

Thank you so kindly for you time and comments.
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This shot does look so much better like this, it's a lovely picture I like it a lot, well done
Neil Richardson

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