Dundas Street, Stromness, Orkney

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Long tripod exposure, 3 sec at f9. Just needed a little cropping and some work to reduce the flare of the streetlights. Can't enter it in the Night Competition as its 2 years old and as, up here its quite light during summer nights, so I can't repeat the shot until the evenings are darker.
18/07/2012 - 21:01FraserDixon
Shutter Speed3 sec
Focal Length35mm
Gary Hickin
Posted 18/07/2012 - 22:21 Link
Super location-potentially a wonderful atmospheric shot if the flare from the streetlight could be controlled. It presents similar problems encountered in a candlelit still life- if you expose for the flame surrounding detail is lost in the shadows- if you expose for the details you just get a glare from the light source. Blending two or more conversions from a single RAW file could work or simply blending a couple of shots- one for the light , one for the street. Maybe some subtle tonemapping? Sorry- you probably know this already but it's such a great shot waiting to happen! It would be interesting to know what you have done so far to try and reduce the glare.
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Great atmosphere with the glistening rain soaked cobbles and paving stones
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This is so unusual and distinctive. Great sense of time and place.
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You can almost reach out and touch this one! Have to agree with the master, Gary!

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I'd have this enlarged and on my wall.

Love the colour and the wet pavement, to say nothing of the perspective.
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Super shot, i love the wet pavings and the curves.
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Great composition, wonderful lights. Well taken shot.
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It would be interesting to know what you have done so far to try and reduce the glare.

Tried selecting area around light with a broad fuzzy edge and reducing the brightness within - but the result was always obvious although I made several attemps with different settings. Ended up adjusting brightness, contrast, highlight and shadow for the whole image until I felt image was as good as possible. Might retake the shot using neutral density filter or, possibly, an air rifle.

Thanks to you all for your comments - much appreciated. Encourages me to post a few more
Gary Hickin
Posted 21/07/2012 - 00:50 Link
An ND filter will increase the exposure time, assuming the same f stop,iso but the problem of sufficient dynamic range would remain. An ND grad might improve things but will have an effect across the entire width of the shot, some selective adjustment of levels would be necessary. I would still favour a two shot blend- one for the light, one for the street/buildings. You have inspired me to roam around my local town to see if I can find a similar scene! Wet roads and pavements should not be a problem at the moment!
Like your air rifle comment!
PS. Was the original a RAW file? an underexposed RAW shot (for the light) might work well, selectively bringing up the levels of the street and buildings- could be a problem noisewise though.
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