Spitfire at Duxford

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My 'must have' shot of one of the several Spitfires in commemorative markings at the Duxford D-Day airshow last Saturday.

The striped markings were used specially for the D-Day operation so that the Allied ground forces would immediately know that the low flying aircaft were 'friendly' not enemy.

Taken on the Sigma 18-250mm at full zoom using Tv at 1/250s. Quite a slow speed for a moving object and a 250mm focal length but I found that anything faster 'froze' the props !
29/05/2014 - 14:12PeterKR
CategoryPhoto Journalism
Shutter Speed1/250
Focal Length250mm


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I feel your pain but a great moment captured. Well done

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X 2 thanks tg
Gravelrash wrote:
I feel your pain but a great moment captured. Well done

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Beautiful shot, perfect angle of view. Very evocative markings (yes, I am that old, though I was not in Britain at the time). I am sorry not to have been at home (not far from Duxford) for the show. Thanks for sharing your 'must have'!

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Lovely picture Peter, well shot!


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Many thanks to you all for the kind comments.

This was my first airshow with the K-r and conditions were not the best (cold wind, drizzle, poor light plus one cloudburst which drove us all under cover !) This shot owes a lot to PSE 11 in turning a dull day into (apparently) a sunny one !

It was also my first visit to Duxford and I highly recommend it, even on a non-flying day, as there is SO much to see. The 18mm end of the Sigma lens came in useful for the indoor shots I took.

Best regards


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Cracking shot Peter
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