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Another one of those money making devices!
01/04/2014 - 14:45mowser
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Only if you don't agree with the law and choose to travel too fast. They are there to help reduce injury and deaths. If one in a thousand cameras save a life or serious injury by making people more aware of safe driving speeds then they are worth it.

Sorry to go on but-----

Regard's David
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Right words those by David...but if you come to Italy it could happen that a police car horns you while approaching this device because they are in a hurry...without any syrene active!!! My reply was "finger up"...I was lucky not to receive a fine. Many ya close to Firenze there was one of these devices in highway (speed limit 130km/h)....A fast driver suddenly braked to avoid a fine while approaching it....He lost control of car...Died in hospital...After this crash device was removed (right IMHO). If you know where they're placed...you go faster before and after...we're humans!!!I'm not a criminal but if you come to Italy most of us will tell you the same: these devices are milking machines to make money...and i tell you real stories (written on newspapers)of bribed policemen that uses these devices to become more rich!!! I write again: TRUE stories with legal actions of car drivers after fines!!! IMHO if we are polite we don't need "a device" or "hell instead of Paradise". Sorry for my cmt and I hope that I didn't offend David.


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One of man's most evil inventions.
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Thank goodness we dont have these devices in the USA, yet. In the states we sick by the good ol' speed trap. Check out Hampton Florida for a laugh. BTW, the photo is well arranged and I wondered if you took it while driving really slow past it?
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I agree in one respect,but these cameras were supposed to be put in areas designated as black spots where serious accidents had happened in the past. In very many cases, as here, this is not the case. To combat the'slow down when you spot it' syndrome,they now also park a mobile camera close by and speed limits change from 50 to 40 to 30 in a very short distance.


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Well if nothing else a shot that provoked discussion, you can't ask for more
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