Kites engaging in flight Play (1st year juvenile and adult)

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This was taken in the same sequence as the previous picture posted yesterday (Kite with carrion) and shows a juvenile looking for a titbit to be passed from the adult, which the adult didn't have in it's talons.

Daronl wrote:
[quote:3496ace15f="PeterKR"]ALL the above
Don't often see a shot with one actually feeding in flight.Peter

Interestingly Kites feed youngsters up to the mature juvenile stage, quite a lot whilst on the wing, encouraging ( almost) some pretty fancy "aerobatics" from the youngster who will generally take the titbit from the adult from below with its underside up.

Youngsters also try to rob each other which seems to be a form of play but develops their flying skills

It is a good time of the year to see this and it makes for some great flying displays

Several other raptors will also do this too
22/09/2016 - 22:16Daronl
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Nice shot Daron


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Super shot. We don't get kites this far "north" but I love watching a pair of buzzards playing and tumbling through the sky. It seems to be a pair bonding exercise with them.
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awesome shot!
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