Still steaming

by davidtrout

The 1930s A4 class loco Union of South Africa is one of the hardest working locomotives on the heritage railway scene. Its seen here at Carlisle Citadel Station while on charter train duties. Mono suited the glinting paintwork of the engine in the gloom of the station interior.
K5+DA*200mm lens

K5+DA*200mm lens
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It's a image of controlled kinetic energy straining to be let loose. Additionally,the top left electric wires are becoming obscured by the steam from the engine, as if smoke- signaling to the "new" energy that the "old" energy is still viable and can do the job. Love old train images. This one tells many stories. V V nice. thanks, tg
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Tony's comments are lovely observations. I love the melting qualities of this work. And of course the B+W.
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Good Fortune:

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Good conversion
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If one views large, one can see the engineer who seems to be listening to her.

In the days before sensors, gauges and computer read-outs, trainmen could sense the health of the beasts by touch, sound and smell.

Truly connected, and the bond was often life-long.

This is a remarkable photograph.
Mac from Montreal

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Good observation Mac! Lovely shot!

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