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Rather amusing episode.....our last two remaining frogs were seen to leave our small garden pond in a great hurry. When we got closer we saw that a small grass snake had appeared ( we have never seen one in the garden in the 40 years we have lived here). It was only 18 -20 inches in length but obviously hungry it decided it would have Butch our rather muscular resident toad. A bit like me deciding to eat the dog! As you will see in the first shot, it was trying to swallow Butch's right elbow and not surprisingly the toad took exception to this and the snake found itself ejected rather quickly. The second shot taken a few minutes later shows Butch, quite unharmed, having assumed his original boss position.
20/06/2018 - 21:02cbrog
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A nice event to witness and record! Thanks for sharing


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In the many years that I've lived in this part of the Netherlands I've kept a look out for snakes whilst out walking, er, me, not the snakes!! Never seen anything. Apparently there are adders in the northern part of the province but it would seem that they never take an awayday!

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