Northern Lights near Reykjavic

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Just got back from my mini-break to Iceland. Sunny all days but only the first night was clear. But I got lucky! Fullfilled a lifelong dream for my Joanna Lumley moment. Firstly the reality is that they weren't as green as this.In fact they are more a very pale misty green - almost white. The sensor is more sensitive to the green wavelength. Still a wonder to behold as they changed shape and drifted in and out. The guide rated it about 6.7/10 on the Northern Lights scale. I guess it lacked the variable colours but I'm not complaining. My God it was difficult to talke the shots. It was around -6C with some wind chill and it became difficult to think straight as I was out there for longish spells. I had planned what I was going to do but it was difficult to see and I went from manual to bulb at times. Then there were the idiots who thought they could take a flash picture of something 150 miles away, messing up my shots. Then of course there was my long suffering wife taking frequent refuge on the coach as I tried to die from exposure! It was more than worth it though!
22/03/2013 - 23:58dcweather
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