First Good Shot with my Sigma 10-20

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Yes, it looks like HDR, but it's not. Although, back then, I sure did like to use Photoshop's surface blur filter to make my images look like cartoons. I don't do it any more.

This was a 20 second exposure, and I was with friends at the time. I had to stand there perfectly still for the shot, and so naturally, my friends were being funny and running through the shot as I had to scold them without moving my mouth or body. "Haha, very funny guys! Now stop screwing with my shot!"
21/07/2010 - 19:22Dubious Drewski
Shutter Speed20 sec
Focal Length10mm


Link Posted 24/07/2010 - 16:46
Surprised no one's commented - I like it, very striking and nice composition.
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