Dubai Downtown - CC Wanted

by Mag07

Not sure if I should post or if it's ok to use the gallery for this - I'd really appreciated some proper cc. It's a shot I personally quite like. Even in it's original 'straight out of the camera' incarnation; but prefer this. Taken couple of months back, long exposure from a car window. With full awareness of the flare the Sigma would produce from the single street light that was 'in my face'. If you want to trash it, please do; as long as you point out the things that bother/irritate/ you! Thanks in advance!
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I don't know that I'm qualified to give proper CC. BUT here goes.
First, overall I really like it. I like the perspective, the B&W and I love playing with flare myself. The only thing that I would change would be to crop off the earth section at the bottom, for me it adds nothing to the composition in fact it is a bit of a distraction from the main interest. I know it could be argued that it offers contrast to the super stark skyscrapers but I personally don't think it should stay. I just scroll your picture so the dirt is off the bottom of my screen and cappow! the image is twice as powerful.
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I quite like this, and with a few tweaks could be something that I would find very interesting.

I'm not so bothered by the flare (or maybe just call it an artificial sunburst!), it's the overall perspective distortion and the missing top off, and the illuminated sign on, the building on the right that bother me. I'd be tempted to try straightening the verticals a bit, re-crop to include the top of the building and get rid of some of the uninteresting (to me) foreground. Another option I'd be tempted to look at would be to straighten and crop between the 1st and 2nd buildings to the right of the flare and make it a square image.

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In its current incarnation I would agree about the earth/ beach, whatever it is but no one has suggested getting rid of the buildings on the right and capitalizing solely on the two uprights with the flares (note plural). The earth then fits in much better with a vertical format and the flares have no competition from the buildings on the right., making them the actual subject matter.
It's three images stiched together presently. (i) as it is, (ii) the stuff on the right and (iii) the stuff on the left. the two sides and the bottom compete so two of those elements must go.
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Awesome. Thank you all very much. I'll give the various crop suggestion a shot for now, until next time I'm there, maybe with tripod this time Thanks again!
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For me it's fine as it is but then, I do like to see the whole environment! Love it Mag!

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