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How brave is he? - cows love nothing better than a human doing odd things.
10/05/2009 - 10:41beebee
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Link Posted 10/05/2009 - 11:17
thats some big hornes hes got,
just keep snapping,

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Link Posted 10/05/2009 - 11:29
Scott, who do you mean? lol, he or it? LOL, sorry mate, couldn't help, what you wrote was too tempting to let this pass

Beebee, nice shot, you don't catch a photographer on such special poses very often, so this has got to be a cracker one
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Link Posted 10/05/2009 - 14:46
scottthehat wrote:
thats some big hornes hes got,

UMMMM - if you are talking about the cow -it's a 'she' - udders are the give way and the calf just out of shot. That's what makes him so brave (or foolish) as she would defend her calf to the death if necessary.

EDIT _ just had another look and it might be a bull - now that isn't brave or foolish - it's suicidal

Edit - again - nope it's a female, had to zoom in quite close to see
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Link Posted 10/05/2009 - 18:33
beebee wrote:
Edit - again - nope it's a female, had to zoom in quite close to see

I'm sure the she/he cow/bull will be flattered by that comment

Oh and good picture or not, I would never do much of a chicken!!!

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