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I had much trouble photographing this: The case was flat on the floor. I could not use a tripod as the legs would have been included in the image. I stood with outstretched arms looking into an attached angled finder, trying to level the camera to reduce image distortion, whilst keeping my feet out of the image! I tried bouncing an attached flash off the ceiling but that cast my shadow onto the subject. Canting and bouncing the flash produced inconsistent lighting across the image plane. Blasting with direct flash caused unwanted reflections from both the painted and the metallic surfaces. Using a polarizing filter didn't help with reflections from the metallics. Finally I increased the ISO to 800 to achieve realist colour representation and accepted the reflections! Post processing to correct camera distortion resulted in a unacceptable flattening of the rear lower body curve profile so I left it as taken; the case isn't tapered in reality and the corners are square! The reason for the attempt: the local photography club had set a project of shape, colour and texture. The reminiscence: I made this guitar and it's case, in dad's shed when I was 16 back in 1964.
03/02/2012 - 01:13Photon
CategoryStill Life
Shutter Speed1/30
Focal Length20mm
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