The rough with the smooth

Photo Information
Another small cascade on the Ingleton Waterfall trail.

This shot was taken on Tv at 1/6 sec when the K-r wanted a smaller aperture than the f22 limit of the Sigma 18-250mm. As a result the jpeg image was greatly overexposed.
However, since I always save as RAW + jpeg I was able to process the dng file in PSE 11 RAW plugin. After reducing the Exposure and tweaking the Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks I reduced Vibrancy to minimum to give this B&W effect. I feel this enhances the contrast between the turbulent main flow and the smooth slower flow at the edges of the stream. (Best viewed large !)

Despite the slow shutter speed and being hand held the K-r's 'SR' seems to have done a good job.
21/05/2014 - 12:50PeterKR
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed1/6
Focal Length105mm
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