Rock-cut Tombs of Myra

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Myra is well known for its amphitheatre (the largest in Lycia) and the plethora of rock-cut tombs carved in the cliff above the theatre. The Lycians were one of the few non-Hellenistic nations of antiquity which could not be called ‘barbarians’. In fact, their image in antiquity was much like that of today's Swiss: a hard-working and wealthy people, neutral in world affairs but fierce in the defence of their freedom and conservative in their attachment to ancestral tradition. Lycia was the last region on the entire Mediterranean coast to be incorporated as a province in the Roman Empire and even then the Lycian Union continued to function independently. The Lycians spoke a language of their own, with their own unique alphabet, before adopting Greek around the 3rd century BC. Their many monuments, especially their beautiful tombs which embody their ancestor cult, still dot the entire landscape of the southwest coast of Turkey between the Gulf of Fethiye and Phaselis.
St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) was a popular bishop at Myra in the 4th century AD, born in Patara between 260 AD and 280, famous for his miracles and known for his kindness. His parents died of the plague and he was left a wealthy young man.
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Stunning photo Nezih, and lots of interesting info, it looks like a small castle from the thumbnail until you open it then you can see all the fantastic detail worth viewing large. Best wishes Trixie


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Most interesting image and story, thank you.
Best Regards, Larry.

All the gear & no idea.


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Thank you for your wonderful and complete photo infos.


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A fantastic place, very unusual, the info is very important to this picture.
Kind regards Maria


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Fascinating place!-mary.


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Nice place, nice story.
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