River of Gold abstract

by 1stEverPentax

Ist ever attempt at ICM although does it count if the subject has movement in it?

Basically just moved through the vertical for 1". Water was running from right to left...not that you can tell.

I like the end result appearance anyway.

K-50 / 100 macro WR
Uploaded19/05/2018 - 23:30
CategorySpecialist / Abstract
Shutter SpeedN/A
Focal Length100mm

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I like it - the colours work and it's open to so many interpretations as to what it is.

As to whether it 'counts' or not - of course it does. Virtually all scenes (well the vast majority of them anyway) have something moving in them which most of the time we 'freeze', what you have done is to add your movement to the scene to create something new. Keep at it. Next step - combine ICM and multiple exposure, and be prepared for lots and lots of c**p results when you do that!

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Thanks Phil for your thoughts.

I'm going to get some more practice in on different subject matter ICM(s) then will look as you suggest at multiple exposure...i've never attempted multiple exposure
so that could be fun (and a steep learning curve at the same time).

I had to pick up some neighbours from the airport earlier this week so managed to get an hour in through the tunnel and out the other side. Going through the tunnel again I spent a few minutes doing some more River of Gold stuff...water levels weren't as high so maybe not quite as dramatic, although i did lengthen the exposures and did another couple or so ICM so I'll see whether i've got anything worth posting over the next day or two...been quite busy the last few days.



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