Junior otter

by Jokke

Hard winter delivers delights to you if and when you dare to put your nose out into wind and frost.
Here is my today's (29.01.2010)
delight at river Kajaani, Finland.
This young otter was much more
curious than its parents - fortunate for me. Taken by K10D+
DA 50-200.
Uploaded29/01/2010 - 19:21
CategoryWildlife / Nature
Shutter Speed1/180
Focal Length200mm

Posted 29/01/2010 - 19:39 Link
What a very delightful scene, seeing how cold it is no surprise his parent stayed in the water. Very good detail but then again it`s a good lens. I love the light on the snow under it`s chin.

Enjoy life
Posted 29/01/2010 - 19:59 Link
What a fantastic shot, how did your get that close to the otter?
Posted 29/01/2010 - 20:01 Link
Nice shot well captured, worth sticking the nose out for
Regards John/Jumbo
Posted 30/01/2010 - 11:22 Link
Hello, 'alte Kameraden'!
As I wrote, this junior was much more curious than its parents. Senior otters called the junior by whistle-like
sounds now and then, and I tried to imitate them rather
succesfully, as you can see. Most of the time the junior
was somewhere between the parents and me, running on the ice
or diving into small holes in it. Fortunately it returned to
me many times and looked so cute. The major problem was that
it moved so quickly that focusing was difficult.
I have tried to find these nice creatures many times in
several weeks, because I've seen their footprints at the
riverbank and in the snow on the ice. Now I feel happy!
Posted 30/01/2010 - 12:09 Link
Very impressive, I must learn to whistle like Otters. I came across a mother and two pups playing in the snow during the Christmas holiday but could not get near enough for my 300mm lens. Still it was worth getting cold, I watched them for about an hour before they disappeared from view.

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