smoke series

by aminstar

Its pretty cold to go out there try to shoot some goldies. This the closes to birds that I got . And after a few puffs they all start looking like birdies to me anyway
Uploaded07/04/2009 - 16:01
CategoryDigital Art
Shutter Speed1/180
Focal Length100mm

Posted 07/04/2009 - 19:00 Link
Amin, this is a superb series. So much movement in a single frame. Very nice indeed. I really enjoy your work.

Enjoy life
Posted 07/04/2009 - 19:32 Link
Sorry Amin but I dont like the rings, but Cedric is right, these have been fantastic, I am definately going to have to try it.
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Posted 07/04/2009 - 21:06 Link
Thanks for appraising the images. I am experimenting various aspects of the finishing touches so all your suggestions and views are highly sought.
Please keep them coming.
And you are right, the ring has no place on this image. I actually think that these images do look better as they are without any form of extra additions, what do you think? Rather than having something extra that distracts from the main image, in fact I should keep on editing them without any extra fuss.

More to come, just put some ideas on shaping the smoke and I am just back from the shed and am eager to process them

Thank you all again

Posted 13/10/2022 - 13:53 Link
Wonderful digital art!

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