Yellow flag iris

by davidwozhere

Drofmit asked if I had used the lens featured in last month's competition. It was a 1920s Aldis Uno f6.3 4.25inch in a Houghton and Butcher 'Trichro' shutter. Yes I have used it on a K1 and a K5 with results like the one above, which is why I described it as 'a masterpiece of glass and clockwork'.
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I dunno how you do it Daidwoz but you are an education in my understanding of old glass, top shelf an vintage with a modern twist.
Super results is not uncommon from you're good self when dealing with such very older lenses in a digital world
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Lovely 'pop out at you' result
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You need to fiddle with them; ideally, put them on a tripod and use long exposures; hold a kitchen chopping board (!) above and in front of them to kill the flare caused by the exposed front element. You often get crap contrast unless the front is well shaded. I also got the sewing machine out to make one of those huge, dark, lightproof 'cloaks' that old-time photographers used to huddle beneath to focus precisely using the live view screen. Unsurprisingly, it makes a stunning difference both in handling and the result when you can actually see your subject!
One potential problem is that you can't rely on being able to make big pictures from small crops like you can with a modern high definition lens. The resolution is fine for the picture you take but you can't push it because it doesn't always exist. This means that original composition is crucial and you have to plan the shot far more carefully than with a modern lens that has loads of leeway.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Thanks Davidwoz for taking the time to explain , much appreciated
Kind regards, Flan
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Superb photography in every way - the format is perfect for the shot, the colours, sharpness and focus are all spot on - if you'd said it was taken with one of the DFA* primes nobody would have questioned it - you're a master of your craft David, keep posting
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Its not just the glass used but knowing how to use it and you certainly can.. Liked.

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