Triumph for Tim & Vic

by AndrewA

Snapped in Montpellier, no photographic merit, just a snap for Tim Norris and Vic Cross
Uploaded18/09/2016 - 15:52
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Nice one Drew
Best Regards, Larry.

All the gear & no idea.
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Looks a big old lump, with knobbly tyres as well

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python118 wrote:
Looks a big old lump, with knobbly tyres as well


Yeah -- they go "Brruum, Brruum!" rather than "Screeeeem, Screeeem". Dunno why the knobbly tyres in the South of France?
They made these just along the road from where I live. All there is left is a housing development called , "Triumph Close".
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vic cross
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Nice one Andrew. I haven't a clue as to model or year????? It has an old style tank badge but it has a double down tube frame and disc brake. It seems to have a cooler (radiator) just behind the front frame (poss. for oil) which makes me think it is relatively modern. Well in the last 10 years. OR at least since BLOOR the builder owned the Triumph name.
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We saw loads of Triumphs in France, second only to the amount of Harleys when you discount the modern plastic bikes that is, I will allow Vespas too as they are cool and I own one.

Saw a couple of BSAs too but Triumphs seem to be popular in France, but Harleys extremely popular.

As a side note, my Royal Enfield Bullet 500 should be back from it's overhaul in the next couple of weeks so expect some pics !

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Great looking bike!

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