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Was asked by my daughter Amy's friend's mom to shoot some graduation pics. I am not an expert on portrait lighting (though I crave to be!!!) So my photos take on a pp signature to mask my lack of lighting expertise. I like my results in post editing, but would really prefer to know what I'm doing with flashes, lighting and general portrait equipment, etc. in the field.

Anyone have a SIMPLE tutorial and budget friendly equipment set up I could consider? Much appreciated!

Shot at neighbor's barn inside the stall area which was extremely tight quarters for wondered into the barn...had no room to back up otherwise wouldn't have clipped his foot. Love the shot anyways!
05/12/2016 - 02:18Wildwood512
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Try posting this in the General forum, Donna. You'll have a better chance of getting some good advice there. Nigel, for example, knows everything about flash photography and has written a paper about it.

This is as good as I could manage but the light's a bit harsh and directional (I don't even own a flash-gun.)
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Can't help you regarding lighting Donna. Nice shot, with the big dog muscling in on the picture.


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Wish i could help with the lighting Donna but i only use natural light and a light reflector which really comes in handy if you can get someone to hold it for you, well worth the few pound i paid for it, as for the photo itself it's worked out really nice with the added bonus of that gorgeous dog!
Kind regards Maria
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