Photography Paperwork

by GlynM

Shot for the recent "The Printed Word" competition and put up here to get it into my portfilio.

We have a section in our filing system where we keep all the bits of paper that come with our purchases of photography equipment. So I turfed it all out and created this shot. It was not surprising that I found that some of these bits of paper have outlived their equipment. Sadly the Olympus Trip is long gone.

JaneM has insisted on a purge .

Pentax K-5 ( and its manual is in the picture )
With a DA*16-50 at 21mm
Tripod mounted (bits of paper for that are in the picture too)
Natural Daylight through a window
0.3sec, F11 & ISO200

Shot raw, processed in LR5 then resized for the web in PSE10.

Uploaded01/05/2016 - 13:37
CategoryPhoto Journalism
Shutter Speed1/3
Focal Length21mm

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