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Another in the Riverview set. This building was where the worst of the criminally insane were housed. Built in 1912 and finally closed in the mid eighties. I wandered through the complex and came across this, by the time I came back from my truck with a wide angle a security guard appeared and told me to leave, RIGHT NOW. As I looked at him and asked why, I continued to set up the tripod Took three quick shots and had to leave quickly...
I could phone the hospital and prearrange a photo day he said, I might just do that this summer.
I have heard stories from movie set workers about ghosts and weird noises when working in these abandoned buildings. One story: a producer standing outside the building looking up at a window where a scene was being shot asked via radio to remove whoever that was standing next to the actor in the window. The story tells that the people inside answered the radio and claimed there was no one standing next to the actor...???
Just standing in front of the place gave me the creeps. This story needs to be told though, most here put it out of their minds.
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Most of the spirits here have had traumatic experiences and some are still stuck. The whole building needs to be cleansed and as I type this, I am being told that electronic shock treatment and ice cold bath's were the norm here.

Many spirits are stuck here in their own dimensions and need to be released into the light. Good photo through.
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Great information, really interesting. Regarding the photo, it's a real shame you could not get closer to the building but you've still managed to convery the atmosphere of the place.


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Powerful image- sends shivers down the spine


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It certainly makes an interesting shot John, James, Jonah, Jason, Jack, Jennifer! Love the story.

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