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Found this wreck on Old Hunstanton beach on a walk at lunch time. Obviously been there a very long while but I didn't know about it. Now that I do I think a revisit is called for when I have more time
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That's a wreck I plan on revisiting soon.


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The remains of the Steam Trawler Sheraton, which has been given the grid reference of TF 6743 4199. The bow has gradually taken on the appearance of concrete.

The trawler was built by Cook, Welton and Gemmell of Beverley, Yorkshire, in 1907 and owned by the Standard Steam Fishing Company of Grimsby. She was 39.6m in overall length and her beam was 6.7m. She had a draught of 3.7m and weighed 283 tonnes.

A survey carried out in 2007/09 by members of the Nautical Archaeology Society in East Anglia, confirmed the use of ferrous metal plating, over ferrous metal runners and ribs. The spacing of the welded, or cast metal ribs varies from 0.52-0.55 m. The plates were riveted together. Evidence of timber framing was found, especially in the area from amidships to the stern. The timber framing appears to have supported the superstructure and decking. The trawler was fitted with a 3-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engine, by Amos & Smith, Hull.

In WWI, between 1915 and 1918, the vessel was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and used during boom defence work. She served again in WW II as a patrol vessel and carried a 6-pounder gun, of a type used on Motor Torpedo Boats. During a gale in the Wash, in 1947, she broke free of her mooring and was wrecked on Hunstanton beach. She was later partially salvaged


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Thanks Malc for the information. I've since Googled for more. I didn't realise she'd been there almost 70 years. Here's what she looked like on the beach back then

link 1

link 2
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Thanks Charlie, having been born Peterborough I've been going to Sunny Hunny for 50 + years, worked in Old Hunstanton for the past 10 yet never knew of this. Really appreciate the pics you posted, just proves time and tide waits for no one. I will be going back very soon, probably after work rather than in my lunch break


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Really appreciate all the detail, in any condition, ships have a breathable soul. - Waiting for follow up images - thanks - t
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Again, dereliction makes a splendid shot!

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Thank you Tony and Paul as always much appreciated

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