Rendlesham Forest.

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Hi, I took this pic in Rendlesham Forest last Sunday. Can anyone help me? is the green double hexagon (on the left of the picture) a lens flare? also if you look in the middle of the pic there is what appears to be an orb - is this a dust particle on the lens?
13/04/2010 - 10:16Wolfieman2003
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Do you remember if you were using a lens hood? Both of these problems are possibly caused by the sun shining directly on the lens element.
You can see that your lens has a 6 leaf iris.
Dust on the front element of the lens - unless huge - would not show up like this. Still betting it's the sun.
Is the same problem evident in other shots from that session?

If not, it's UFO's and you're going to be famous.

Mac from Montreal

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Thanks Mac,

Yes I was using a lens-hood when I took the picture - that probably explains the green lens flare. I'm not sure about the 'Orb' in the middle of the pic. Rendlesham Forest as you may know is famous for the 1980 UFO incident and there have been numerous sightings in that area. One odd thing I found is when shooting video the video records with a 'shimmery' effect in the forest but once out of the forest it records normally - odd!!!!


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You'll find when shooting almost into the sun like this that the hood is probably not enough to prevent flare. I usually hold up a book or a piece of paper while looking through the viewfinder until the front element of the lens is in the shade.

Best wishes, Kris.
Kris Lockyear
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Creepy eh? Sorry, that sounds Canadian!
A hand before the lens might have been sufficient.

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