by davidstorm

I would be interested in comments on this image. It clearly is not natural in colour and I did think of processing it with a blue tinge, or as a straight Black & White.

Does it work?
Is it cliched?

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PS I noticed some sensor dirt on the first version of this I posted, so I've cleaned this up and re-posted it.
Uploaded24/11/2012 - 11:57
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I think his has great potential.... But I'm not sure the slightly pink tinge works - it lacks some definition. I'd try a blue tinge and cranking up the contrast in the background area- but thats very much my taste.

Be interesting to see different versions of this ( current, b&w, blue tinge, stronger contrast version etc) together!!!
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I like it, though I think the colour works better on the wood and water than on the fell and sky
Regards, Christopher

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Does it wort ? .. it does for me
Is it cliched ?, .. I frankly don't think so
IMHO that's a nearly pure artistic creation, David, .. I see nothing wrong with it, .. some would prefer yellow tinge, others likes greens .. and so on so forth; .. anyway I much like the compo of this

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It works, but I think you'll get a much better image in B&W, David.
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A rare and wonderful image which works even with the odd colour. But I agree with Nezih's comment.
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nonur wrote:
It works, but I think you'll get a much better image in B&W, David.

I think I also agree on this although I do like the posted colour for it's artistic merit?

The posted version takes me back to your Forum thread on 'Is it Natural' and, as there, only you can say.

I am a little concerned for you safety, however ! The angle of the planks near the bottom edge makes it look as if the jetty is about to collapse !

Best wishes

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It works for me. Nice capture David.
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