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Got my new LED head light today and wanted to test it immediately. So I went on the mountain above Heidelberg where you find the ruins of a very old cloister in the middle of a deep forest - honestly - being there alone at 10 pm was really spooky and very cold
Mounted my K20D on a tripod, activated 12 sec. timer, turned off autofocus, set a manual shutter speed of 20 seconds and steped in front of the camera and illuminated the ruin with my torch (the orange light in the sky came from the illuminated city of Heidelberg which is at the food of this mountain
01/02/2011 - 22:43AxelLuther
Shutter Speed30 sec
Focal Length18mm


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I like it. Nice atmosphere


Link Posted 02/02/2011 - 06:38
Good. I got the same colour-sky on December 2010 due to lights coming from railway station of Florence. So it's normal...I'm glad for this....


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Lovely Axel: trust you to come up with something special.
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Your dedication Axel never ceases to amaze me, and your photos aren't bad either!!

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That's wonderful, I love the soft yet striking colours; it's this sort of photograph that makes me want to keep on learning. Thank you Axel!


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Creative, unusual and brilliant as usual
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Clciking trhogh the gallery, this is the third photo I have looked at - and they are all yours! This one is quite intriguing and very well photographed. You must be pretty pleased with that headtorch as well!
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