Seagull Wharf

by JohnE

Taken from the Greenwich Peninsula looking over a disused pier and the river Thames. I liked this view because it made the edge of Canary Wharf seem derelict and overgrown. This is an exposure merge of 3 hand held exposure bracketed photos. Taken with Pentax Kr and 18-55 DA-AL kit zoom lens. Post-work in Photomatic and Paint Shop Pro X2.
Uploaded10/10/2011 - 21:24
Shutter Speed12501/1000000
Focal Length47.5mm

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This is a great composition IMO. Great forms, interesting details and mysterious sky.

I love the horizontal lines in the foreground drawing in the eye, switching to the vertical lines of the buildings and back to the lateral lines of the clouds.

I think the PP work you've done is great, lots of subtle shifts in light & tonal range. Sharp yet has a soft pencil drawing look.

Yup, dig it
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I wish I could sum photos up as well as Sean but I totally agree with him, I like it very much
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I would say that is outstanding. As Jim as said, I also don't have the words to express as well as Sean, but I just know that I like it and that it takes some talent and expertise to shoot and process as well as this.


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Nice graphic effect
Posted 11/10/2011 - 14:41 Link
Terrific shot with great shapes and tones but I'd crop out the highest, horizontal layer of cloud which, to my mind, acts as a "lid" to the composition. Just cover it up and you'll see how much better the picture is.
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Just run the photo up to your toolbar and cover the cloud to see the eventual end product, if you decide to go that route. Andrew's right - again!

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Thanks all for the comments. Good call about the tighter crop, Andrew. Not sure how to change to a cropped version of the picture here without deleting and uploading again.
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