Durham Cathedral Without Pews


I had a call last night to say the cathedral was open today for photographers for a small fee. The cathedral had been transformed for the filming of the Avengers ,,,,,no not that one.
All of the pews had been removed which is very rare. Taken with the K01 and Sigma 8-16 mm
Uploaded12/05/2017 - 16:17
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Nicely done.
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Great exposure there and good example of converging lines.

Nice 😃
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The laws of perspective dictate converging lines, as when the highway up ahead of you appears to be getting narrower the further away it is from you. And as Nocturnal mentioned earlier in reference to my photo "Heavenly Shades..." another example occurs when a lens is not set parallel to a fixed subject, but is, say, tilted upwards, then in effect one part of this fixed object appears to be closer to the camera than another part, and so again we have converging lines and the subject appears to be tilting. This can be a good thing, as is strongly demonstrated here, where we expect strongly converging lines. In other cases, where convergence is not expected, it is a question of personal taste whether the convergence is a "good" or "bad" thing. De gustibus non disputandem est.
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What a great opportunity - and well taken!
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alfpics wrote:
What a great opportunity - and well taken!

Totally agree
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I suppose this is as it was meant to look originally? Pretty impressive
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