Northern Lights in Skaftafell 3

Northern Lights in Skaftafell 3

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More Northern Lights in Skaftafell, Iceland
23/12/2012 - 13:06eddyc
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed20 sec
Focal Length18mm


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Nice one. I like this and the first one the best. Did you have many nights out before you got these? Were you waiting long in the dark? And did it look this good to the naked eye? Any other tips?

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W O W !.. pure splendour
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Thanks very much.

This was the 4th night of the trip and the 2nd that we had a clear sky. So I'd had one night of practising on a weaker aurora before this. I think we ended up out in the dark for about 4 hours! But we brought thermos with tea etc and it was beautiful so we didn't get bored. Very cold feet though!

I must admit it didn't look quite this good to the naked eye. It was quite a bit dimmer. Once your eyes adjust I could see all the shapes and ripples but the mountains in the distance were just a dark smudge. You also couldn't see quite as much of the red tinge as appears on the photo. It was really just a suggestion of reddishness to the side of the green.

I've had a bit of a think about other tips and things. I stuck it on the running thread. I hope that is helpful, even if it is a bit out of any sensible order! But feel free to ask any questions you think of and I can do my best to answer.
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A great shot, you have done really well to capture the lights like this on your first attempt. What I like about this is not just the lights, but the general composition and the nice details in the landscape.


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Trickiest things to capture.

You did great!
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A special shot. Really good!
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