An image created from Phoenix Mk2

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Another image produced from Phoenix with a different light permutation.
07/11/2014 - 02:15Photon
CategoryHumour / Fun
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Another belter...




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A cracker
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Really like these


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Giulio's right!

Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried! (Bill Brandt)


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What is phoenix I love the image - album cover?
Mike Court
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Mike, go to Colin's previous post and you'll get the full explanation!

Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried! (Bill Brandt)


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Mike, I think Phoenix is from Greek Mythology, Chambers Dictionary gives - Phoenix - a fabulous Arabian bird, worshopped in ancient Egypt, the only individual of it's kind that burned itself every 500 years or so and rose rejuvenated from its ashes, hence anything that rises from its own or its predecessor's ashes! Also: a paragon: a southern constellation (hence the stella connection).

Explantion of the 'How' for images created with Phoenix Mk1 & Mk2

During the summer of 2013 when my local photography club were planning their 'Autumn Light Painting Night', they rescued a bicycle wheel from a house fire and asked me to secure a set of LED lights around the wheel rim and to conjure a short axle extension such that the plane of the wheel would be at 45 to the ground. The wheel was to be spun around the point where the axle extension made contact with the ground. The object of this was to take long exposure photographs of the dome light trace effect. To prevent this arrangement from wandering, I secured the axle extension to an old microwave bearing assembly, mounted on to a disk of MDF, with three feet. They could then play with this thing indoors on a flat floor. Initial tests were successful, so in addition, I made a longer axle assembly of approximately of approx 85 cm long, to give them a large toroid of light effect, Phoenix Mk1: the wheel had risen from the ashes!

During late summer of 2014 I was asked could this set up be mounted vertically to plot a globe of light points. I pointed out that without expensive engineering, it would collapse in a heap on the floor but a few days later I thought of a way of achieving what they wanted - a globe of light. Use the existing wheel on the long axle to drive and precess a central column that supports another wheel which spins about a horizontal axis. A stabilising arm was added to counteract the Gyroscopic Torque caused by the rotating wheel mass being precessed about the central column. The central, upper wheel has two sets of LEDsne red set and one blue set, each set is independently switch-able. I added the horizontal rack of green LEDs; to give a Saturn's Ring type light trace. The conical red light trace was from the string of red LED's that another member laid down on of the tie rod tubes later in the evening. The final set up, Phoenix Mk2, is shown by the image uploaded at 02:09 on 07 November 2014.

I never posted images of the the Mk1 contraption, or the images from Mk1, that was ayear ago now and I never got around to processing any of the images.

All five minute jobs take a minimum of eight hours!
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