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The Kite Master doing his thing.
Unfortunately, my K1-II and Pentax 55-300 lens fell hard to the concrete this week when, absolutely unbelievably, the strap disconnected on the right side of the camera (how does that happen?). Camera was fine (thanks to its L-bracket) but this lens, which I used to take the picture above, now focuses only at 85mm. I have put Google through its paces trying to pin point where the problem lies, without success. Any Pentaxians out there have any suggestions as to what I might have busted?
24/09/2022 - 20:09go4IT
Shutter Speed1/350
Focal Length135mm


Link Posted 24/09/2022 - 23:31
I've always distrusted standard straps and their fixings. I always use a Joby 'over the shoulder' strap that has a stout, standard 1/4" screw fixing that goes into the tripod mount. You can either wear it or carry it. It won't come off.
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Link Posted 25/09/2022 - 04:25
Thank you David. I am going to buy the rig you have for both of my cameras.


Link Posted 12/10/2022 - 22:35
One of my greatest fears! I trust the tripod mount even less since I discovered my strap's screw was working itself loose!

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