Best viewed large: Any body know what this is ? - It is at least twice the size of a bumble bee

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I saw this very large insect whilst out walking today, it was about 30-35mm in length (about twice the size of the largest bumble bee).

It has a yellow body with two black bands and a yellow face; never seen one before, I have no idea what it is and can't find a reference; hoping someone can ID it.

Interestingly, it was taken, hand holding with the HD150-450 (fully extended) as I didn't have my macro lens
19/07/2015 - 12:48Daronl
Shutter Speed1/800
Focal Length450mm
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Link Posted 19/07/2015 - 15:30
Hi it could be a hornet
cheers Neil
pentax k3
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Panasonic Dmc Fz200


Link Posted 19/07/2015 - 17:08
Hi Neil,

Checked out hornets but can't find one this size with just two black bands but I agree it is likely a hornet of some sort as opposed to a common wasp species or a bee variety.

Thanks for your interest




Link Posted 20/07/2015 - 00:10
I certainly would give it a wide berth !
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Link Posted 20/07/2015 - 11:57
You could try asking on iSpot which has experts to identify most wild species. It is a sub-site the Open University and is copyrighted by them.
It's at


Link Posted 20/07/2015 - 20:26
Just got a positive ID from the Royal Entymological Society

This an uncommon Hover Fly variety; Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria

This is a female and whilst this is one of our largest hover flies it is harmless to humans and one of the good guys of the insect world

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