Getting a buzz from a friendly lunch

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A bee and a wasp enjoying lunch together in the walled garden of Hughenden Manor (NT)

Or is that a smaller bee ?
29/07/2022 - 14:34PeterKR
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Excellent shot, sharp.


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These creatures look magnificent on their "exploding" "stage". I am hardly an expert, Peter, and would like to see more of its body, but I would venture a guess that the creature on the left is a European Honey Bee, because of its rather hairy thorax (and do I see some tufts of hair on its rear-end?), the belts of orange on its legs, lack of a thin waist, relative dullness of the abdomen colours, and the shape of its wings. Like.


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Many thanks for all your comments, Giulio, LoT and go4IT.

1. I have to admit that the sharpness had a little help from PaintShop Pro 2022 (my choice of RAW processor now).
2. Many thanks for the tip ref the bees - I think you are probably correct in the guess at a Honey Bee. I spoke with one of the gardeners there and he said that bees and wasps don't usually get on with each other so it was most likely another (smaller) bee.

Thanks again
Best regards
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