Heart Mountain

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Heart Mountain was one of the internment camps for West Coast Japanese-Americans during World War II. While these people were told by the government they were in a “Relocation Center,” it was a concentration camp, pure and simple.

These two buildings were the camp hospital. Along with the camp boiler room they are the only buildings left standing at the camp. The hospital serviced over 11,000 people when the camp's population was at its peak. There is a museum exhibit that is excellent, giving a real feeling of what life was like for these people.

There were ten of these concentration camps located in the interior of the country from the "West Coast Exclusion Zone" that held about 115,000 Japanese-Americans. Before it closed Heart Mountain peaked at a population of almost 11,000, making it Wyoming's third-largest city at the time.
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Thanks for the interesting info as well as the nicely done photo


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Interesting indeed. The sidelines of history where a lot of suffering was to be had by many and then to be hidden by some and then left unknown by most. There are many other such things here, there and everywhere. Why was my father sent to the goulag in the Komi Republic" in the far north of the USSR at the age of twenty-four? And my mother deported to a work camp in the Altaiskii Krai (Eastern Siberia) at the age of nineteen? Such photes and their information are necessary - not that anybody today really cares a monkey's... One of the most perniicous things in the world today is the ignorance of history.
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The bleakness grows on you, like it


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My one and only, very short, visit to Wyoming gave me the impression that I shouldn't be surprised by anything I came across which included the weather! I found the old airplanes I was looking for! Like this one!

Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried! (Bill Brandt)


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Your work is just excellent. I really love your work.

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