Two kingfishers

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Hayle RSPB reserve is home to typical waders, but these kingfishers were putting on a bit of a display on a September evening a couple of years ago. Taken from the hide.
21/01/2017 - 17:20mikeprotts
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Posted 22/01/2017 - 15:53 Link
I think this shot has the potential to be much, much better after some tactical PP work, if you don't mind me putting my two cent's worth in. There is a story here that is begging to be heard---ie, the parent kingfisher circling one of its young protectively--or so I read the story.

For example, Mike, cropping so that only the middle two-thirds of the picture remains--as a vertical composition. The young kingfisher, as it is now, is virtually lost in the larger composition. It will attain even more prominence by decreasing the contrast of the entire land portion, and brightening and sharpening the youngster. The "momma bird" (or is it the father?) needs, I think, to be made more prominent too, with more contrast and clarity, and colour, etc.

Perhaps other members have similar comments to make? A sort of "Save the Birds" program?
Posted 10/02/2017 - 21:15 Link
cropping so that only the middle two-thirds of the picture remains--as a vertical composition

I'll give that a go. I'll see if I can get the two birds closer to equal prominence, I was really never sure if the one on the ground was young/partner/rival. I need to check with the others from the set to see what is most likely.

Thanks for the suggestions. I need time and practice at PP, so the ideas are welcome.

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