Fiery Five in Colour

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When I showed this in mono, I was glad that Andrew & Cliff's comments showed they appreciated the dated look I was trying to achieve.

However I do think that there were some nice colours lost to the mono conversion.

Anyway, here it is again, 44932 at Ais Gill on Saturday 13th August 2011.
21/08/2011 - 12:13pgweber
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I liked your earlier black and white version of this image Peter but I prefer this colour picture. You said on your earlier caption this was a location you've come to know well.
Co-incidentally just about a year ago I posted a similar picture in this gallery of this same engine in exactly that location. One of these days we'll meet up at Ais Gill.


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Two splendid versions of that shot Peter, It would be hard to pick which one i preferred although I must admit I am a sucker for mono.

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This is lovely - you really feel the movement of the train along the track.


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Another splendid image Peter, I prefer the colour version personally

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I prefer the colour too but like to try something nostalgiac looking sometimes. I wish I had some of the sunlight that you got, David. You must have been sat on the wall for your shot?

Both our shots were quite smoky as the engine was having to work pretty hard. The exhaust was as it came out of the funnel, no PP here. I believe that could be enhanced in film days with a bit of "dodging"?

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Love those colours. Can almost smell the greenery and the smoke.
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pgweber wrote:
I wish I had some of the sunlight that you got, David. You must have been sat on the wall for your shot?

I was wasn't sitting on the wall, I was just behind it. And yes that evening the light was just about the best I've had for a steam train shot. A woman standing next to me got her almost identical picture into one of the glossy railway magazines.
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