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by Teaka53

Can anyone identify this fruit please. The bush has been growing in the garden for 20 years over the past 5 years it has had the occasional fruit on it, this it has about 20. The bush has thorns and is about 18inches tall with a spread of about 4 feet. The pips look identical to apple pips
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Definitely no expert but I made some Quince Jam plucked from a hedgerow near my flat on Saturday and the seed structure, although darker in color, looks similar, as does the shape (ish) of the fruit. Mine were yellow-er though. An idea of scale would be helpful for the experts out there. Nice shots btw.
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According to R.H.S this could be the variety Vranja’ AGM of the quince family.
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Looks like Quince to me, nice pics too!
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Many thanks to you all for your time, information and comments.

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