Porcelain Mushroom

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Rijk: Fungi (Schimmels)
Stam: Basidiomycota
Klasse: Agaricomycetes
Onderklasse: Agaricomycetidae
Orde: Agaricales
Familie: Physalacriaceae
Geslacht: Oudemansiella
Soort :Oudemansiella mucida

Oudemansiella mucida, the Porcelain Mushroom is specific to beech wood. It appears in autumn on dead trunks and on fallen branches, and occasionally it also grows on living trees.

Provided that the skin is peeled from the caps, these mushrooms are edible. Only larger caps are worth collecting, however, because the flesh is quite thin.

The Porcelain Mushroom, Oudemansiella mucida, is sometimes also known as the Poached Egg fungus - a reference to the white of the egg rather than the yolk, of course!

This fungus is weakly parasitic upon beech trees, and on breezy days in autumn it is not unusual to see what appear to be tiny parachutes falling from high branches after the fungi have been dislodged by the wind.

2 to 8 cm in diameter, semi-transparent and white, the caps of this lovely mushroom are rounded and tend to remain broadly domed rather than completely flat as the fruiting bodies mature. The gills show through the thin cap flesh, giving the margin a striate appearance.

Source : http://www.first-nature.com/fungi/id_guide/tricholomataceae/oudemansiella_mucida...
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