Coprinus Comatus

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Another fungi of the 'Ink Cap','Lawyer's Wig' or 'Shaggy Cap', variety. I previously saw one of these circa 1972. I saw this one whilst sitting in a pub car park, waiting to meet an ex-work colleague for a lunch time drink. I only had my compact Pentax Optio 555 with me and no ground sheet to get down to the job properly. Unfortunately the specimen is out of focus because it was set to 'Array' rather than 'Spot' metering! I went back two days later, approx 20 mile round trip, armed with Penta K20D & photographic clobber but the specimen had disintegrated or self digested; it had done its spore dispersal job for this year. I had searched for and bought the Optio 555 off 'e-Bay' after marvelling at the wondrous insect close-up shots loaded onto the Gallery by 'Jacko' but I cannot match his work, either with my K20D or with the Optio555.
28/12/2011 - 23:22Photon
CategoryClose Up
Shutter Speed1/20
Focal Length7.8mm


Link Posted 29/12/2011 - 09:16
I find it nice as it is, Colin!


Link Posted 31/12/2011 - 14:25
Thank you very much Nezih.
All five minute jobs take a minimum of eight hours!

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