Aliens in the Black Forest???

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More a documetary then really a special photo - when I was hiking with my kids in the black forest last sunday, we came through a deep dark canyon and about 3 m away from the little river in this canyon we found loads of these egg-like spots which covered several rocks. Was not sure what it is as it looked a bit like frog spawn but I thought that this is always sitting in the water and not meters away from it. Some bddies suggested that this is frog spawn of a grass frog and that it often happens that the frog does not reach the water in time and then you find the spawn in open air. Might also explain the little size - the individual eggs were only 1-2 mm big (without being in water they dont swell to the normal size.
24/03/2011 - 07:47AxelLuther
CategoryWildlife / Nature
Shutter Speed1 sec
Focal Length100mm


Link Posted 25/03/2011 - 06:53
Nice shot, Axel. I like its colours and sharpness. I wonder that this shot hasn't got comments... Until now.
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szgabor wrote:
Nice shot, Axel. I like its colours and sharpness. I wonder that this shot hasn't got comments... Until now.

was also a bit surprised - but their happened strange things anyway at Pentax yesterday - Iwhenever I tried to lock-in the PPG I ended up in accounts of people I don't know.... Same probably happened to my account when other people tried to lock in and one approved picture dissappeared (propably a deletion by mistake)....
Might also be that all others find this picture too slimy

Colors are the lack of darkness

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Was just browsing through the gallery and came across this?
Do you have tree frogs in germany? I think you might but not sure .. I would say they were frogs eggs of some description.
Pentax K7 and K5 and several black tubey things with magnifying glass in that twist around and move in and out - to be honest I am not sure exactly what I have. Will list the proper names one day..


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Woww !! Pretty good shot, Axel. I admired to this



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That's really quite different Axel and I think that the 1 second exposure has helped to create a special light.

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Link Posted 05/04/2011 - 07:20
amazing compo and nice colors - well done
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