Derbyshire Dalesman

by pgweber

I have featured this pairing twice in my gallery already (Ex LMS 4-6-0 No. 45407 & Ex BR 2-6-0 No. 76079). This shot dates from 20th October 2007 when they were hauling a day trip called "The Derbyshire Dalesman" from Blackpool to Buxton.

It was taken at a popular spot on the road up to Chapel-en-le-Frith railway station, which is on a separate line. The road runs parallel to the track separated by a stone wall with some bramble bushes on the railway side.

A few minutes before the train was due, I thought I would try standing on the wall to get a clearer view . What I had forgotten was the Autumn damp and the moss on top of the wall. Sure enough, one foot slipped and I fell backwards into the brambles, winding myself.

I climbed out in an undignified fashion and resumed my earlier position standing against the wall. There were quite a few railway photographers also gathered, so as I regained my composure ready for the train's passing, one wag turned to me and said,"Sorry mate, I missed that. You couldn't do it again, could you?".

Shot with K10D & 18-55 as a PEF and I shall not tell you my reply!
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Nice composition. I like the smoke effect.
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Perfect shot. Very well timed.
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Thank you Gabor and Andrew for your kind comments.

I did my best with what I could influence (the viewpoint & pressing the shutter), but as always with steam trains you need a bit of luck- i.e. the sun out and the wind blowing the right way. An overcast day with white steam gives you nothing.

Saying that, David created a feature to good effect, of the difficult cross-wind in his picture of Duke of Gloucester on Saturday.


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