by SteveT

Okay this is just another Robin Shot but its my first so i guess I am quite pleased with it.
Uploaded21/12/2009 - 20:23
CategoryWildlife / Nature
Shutter Speed1/60
Focal Length280mm

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I like Robins Steve, so it's fine by me! I like the feather detail and the glint in his eye; puffing up his feathers shows how cold it is and I think adds a bit extra to the shot.

Shame the shadow cast by the tree had to fall across his wing and tail feathers.
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Posted 21/12/2009 - 21:07 Link
Cracking shot - he's a proud looking little fellah.


Mat W

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Posted 22/12/2009 - 09:43 Link
lovely shot with excellent detail
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I like Robins too! This is a nice picture but I agree with the shadow comment. Keep pushing the button.

Enjoy life
Posted 21/06/2015 - 04:58 Link
But NO!!......surely the Shadow content is the plus of the photo??

Does it come from the tree? there a Mammoth just behind the tree casting a Shadow, or is that the Labour Party once again..............don't be too quick to judge.......I for one think it makes it MORE interesting.

This is why this site is SO many opinions/values/ descriptions/nuances and free thinking people............kinda sums up Pentaxians really eh !!

Don't ever change you Crazy Diamonds!!

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