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Exploring HDR's, triple exposure, 2 stops apart, custom edits in Photomatix. Few days of try outs and still not quite sure when an edit has had enough! I'll get there. Sometimes I seem to like a simple exposure blend, sometimes I fancy something 'stronger'. CC welcome, Wanted in fact. It's not a perfect composition but my primary focus was the building on the left and the water. With the bridge there because, well, it's there and the boats just kept on coming lol :p Thanks!
22/04/2016 - 16:53Mag07
CategoryBlack & White
Shutter Speed1/125
Focal Length10mm


Link Posted 22/04/2016 - 17:31
Very nice. Leave it as it is. Not easy to "improve".
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Compo is super: I do like surface on the left(facade of building) that leads eyes to explore right...well...all the rest in the photo. Towers complete this exploration filling that "surface" of the compo. I look at two different planes in your photo useful to give dynamic to the "view". About boat: it is useful but i Should have preferred it moving toward right bottom corner...I'm sure that if you try again....and if you have patience enough you shall have right direction of the boat. So doing 3 surfaces will play an important role in this magical "place". Surface left that gives depth (the facade of the building on the left). The Bridge: central surface that gives a stop to eyes and fills the vertical side of compo(height). Third Surface is the boat moving to the right bottom corner: it closes this "geometry" adding dynamics (the real one) to this "painting". Right IMHO the use of HDR (impressionist)...and I should prefer a colour HDR choosing pastel tones...enhacing the white of boat and clouds (against a deep deep blu sky). Sorry for my epic poem commentPS LIKE
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An unusual composition. I don't think I would have thought of it, but I think it works. As above - like the structure on the left, and your overall treatment has given this a bright and 'silvery' finish. It feels alive. The only 'niggle' for me is clipping the nose of the boat on the rhs - otherwise its great IMHO


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Wow Magdalena, this is stunning, a lot of work and time going in to both the composition and the processing, i've tried HDR a few times but have never been successful
Kind regards Maria



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Thank you for taking the time to comment Giullio - still entertaining a color incarnation. I don't wonder that far up the bank usually but will keep an eye out for a boat moving in the right direction! Andy, the chopped off nose drives me nuts everytime I look at it :S

Thank you Maria
'Photography...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)


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Impressive ! Congratulations!
Francis - fb -


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Thank u Francis!
'Photography...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)


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When you look at it for a while you tend to overlook just how painterly it is. It's only when you turn away for a few minutes and then come back that you realise. I'm having the same dilemma with a photo that I'm just about to post. This is a lovely shot anyway Mag!

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Thank you Paul
'Photography...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)
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