Photo Information
K5, FA31, 15sec, f18, ISO 160
15/01/2012 - 11:37AndyElliott
CategoryStreet Photography
Shutter Speed15 sec
Focal Length31mm
TagsK5, FA31


Link Posted 15/01/2012 - 21:05
I really like this Andy, but if i could suggest, it would look better with a rotation to the right to straighten it. if you look at the chair leg on the RHS and rotate so its vertical(sorry if im teaching you to suck eggs)


Link Posted 15/01/2012 - 23:07

If I rotated chair leg to vertical, I would then rotate the doorway, which is vertical in real life. This doorway would would be off-kilter by the same amount that the chair leg had been rotated to make the chair leg vertical. Also, all of the other buildings in the street would then be leaning by a similar amount to that of the doorway, which I think would not improve the picture. I think that the reality is that chair is of a style that simply does not have vertical legs. That and the fact that there is a slight camber to the footpath, too.

All the best!


Link Posted 17/01/2012 - 20:51
Dead right Andy! If you run the horizontal line above the central doorway up to your tool bar it looks perfectly horizontal in comparison. Too much red wine Danny?

Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried! (Bill Brandt)
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