Toy Boy

by thingsthatihaveseen

Peter Freeman's "Toy Boy" electric light sculpture on the roof of an NCP car park in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Originally commissioned and built in 1999 for the Northern Quarter Street Festival, it stands 12 metres high and is composed of 76 fluorescent tubes. Looks pretty amazing at night, but I rather like how it looks in the day too.

Took this with a cobbled together tilt shift lens: Mir 45mm Pentacon 6 lens, on an Arsat tilt adapter, fitted to the K3.
Uploaded24/09/2015 - 11:03
Shutter Speed121 sec
Focal Length35mm

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10 out of 10.LIKE
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Great punchy colours.
Best wishes,


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Original in more ways than one
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bwlchmawr wrote:
Great punchy colours.

And composition.
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Thanks all...


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